Decorative Glass

Decorative Glass

Providing Beautiful Decorative Glass in Detroit, MI Since 1964

kitchen glass tableAdd charm to your home with custom decorative glass pieces from Reid Glass!

One of the most important elements of a home is the interior design, as it sets the stage for a welcoming environment. A simple way to add character and flair to your home is to add decorative glass. From colorful backsplashes to intricate painted designs, glass is the perfect blank slate for design. For over 50 years, we have been helping homes incorporate decorative glass as an eye-catching design element.

Decorative glass can turn the ordinary into extraordinary, making your space one of a kind!

Check out a few benefits that our decorative and painted glass offers:

  • Appeal - Many homes like to add an eye-catching piece such as decorative glass, as this can enhance the curb appeal of their home. The painted glass adds a unique touch and something special to take the room’s design up a notch.
  • Design - Homeowners choose to install a decorative glass piece to make a statement in their home, something that can catch a visitor’s eye. Decorative glass can add a special touch to any room in your home.  
  • Customizability - Is there a specific image or phrase you enjoy? The skilled craftsmen at Reid Glass can transform your vision into a reality on glass. With our painted glass pieces, we can create murals and designs for a one of a kind look.

customized glass backsplash photoAdd flair to your home with a customized glass backsplash!

One of the unique ways to take your room to the next level without breaking the bank is adding backsplash glass. This kind of glass is a beautiful and sophisticated final touch that is perfect for any room. With painted glass backsplashes, you can either add a vivid pop of color or keep it timeless with neutral tones that will transform your ordinary walls into striking interiors.

We've been committed to our customers’ satisfaction since we opened shop in 1964.

At Reid Glass, we craft our decorative glass pieces with our customer’s vision in mind, ensuring that you’re fully satisfied with your final product. Our talented and creative team provide top of the line decorative glasswork that is not only beautiful but timeless, adding great value to your home. Decorative glass is a major selling point when it comes to putting your home on the market, and is a great differentiator!

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