Glass Mirrors

Glass Mirrors

Exceptional Glass Mirror Installations in Detroit, MI

Photo of a Exceptional Glass MirrorCustom glass mirrors are the answer when adding décor to your home!

Many people find decorating their homes and making their spaces seem larger very difficult. With so many different kinds of décor, wall hangings, and furniture on the market, adding character to your house that rivals that of an interior designer can be challenging. The easiest way to do so? Add custom glass mirrors! At Reid Glass, we’re the experts when it comes to creating glass mirrors that perfectly fit the look and feel of your home. Each of our custom mirrors is handcrafted individually, giving your space an elegant and timeless touch. They’re are perfect for living rooms, vanities, or even just as a decorative accent to a hallway!

Why should I choose a custom mirror instead of finding one in a store?

  • Convenience – While it does sound like the easy way to go, is it? Most people travel to multiple stores looking for a perfect glass mirror to accent their home and end up settling for one that is not exactly what they wanted. By having Reid Glass custom create your mirrors, you are saving the time and energy shopping around for a mirror.
  • Design – In the same vein as settling for a mirror you’re not thrilled with, why should you? By having your glass mirror custom made, you’re getting everything you want in a mirror. It’s truly a statement piece that just cannot be found in your local home décor store!
  • Quality – While the mirrors found in stores are plentiful, they can’t offer the longevity that custom mirrors can. These mass-produced mirrors are made for quantity, not quality, unlike custom mirrors. Reid Glass’s mirrors are made from the finest materials, tools, and glass artists, ensuring the highest quality mirrors available.

A Reid Glass mirror isn’t just a mirror, it’s a commitment to excellence and customer service.

After 50 years in the glass industry, we don’t believe in settling for an “okay” glass product. We value our esteemed reputation, but we didn’t receive it overnight. After decades of passion toward our craft and unrivaled customer service, we have become the area’s authority for custom glasswork. Each of our projects receives the same level of commitment and integrity, whether you’re in need of a single mirror or a house full of them. Our complimentary estimates are accurate, so you know exactly what to pay from the beginning. At Reid Glass, we believe that’s the right thing to do!

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