Glass Furniture

Glass Furniture

Southeast Michigan's Choice for Glass Table Customization for Over 50 Years

Photo of a Glass TableWhen furnishing your home, glass is the unexpected element you never knew you needed!

Your home’s décor says a lot about your personality. When your guests come to your home, you want it to be the best possible representation of you as possible! An effective way to add aesthetic value to your home is through custom glass furniture created by the expert glass artists and installers at Reid Glass. We have created everything from glass tables, display cases, and more for Metro Detroit homeowners, and are up to the challenge of creating any additional furniture from glass.

Why select glass furniture instead of all other materials?

With an abundance of wooden, metal, and plastic furniture available, glass is commonly underused. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t the best option for your home! Glass furniture provides many benefits, including:

  • An Unexpected Design Element – Glass is a completely versatile material, meaning that it can easily be incorporated into any room, aesthetic, or piece of furniture. Instead of selecting a wooden table, vouch for a glass table instead and add elegance to your dining room. All of our glass furniture is custom made, so it will be one of a kind!
  • Functionality – Glass is a functional material that allows for longevity. While wood can warp and metal can rust or tarnish, glass stays clean and beautiful for as long as you have it!
  • Easy to Keep Clean – Wood and metal furniture need specialized cleaners that can harm them if not applied correctly. Glass simply needs to be dusted and cleaned with household glass cleaner every so often!

When you decide to have your glass furniture made by Reid Glass, expect excellence.

After 50 years of business, we have perfected our craft and our customer service process. Each piece of glass furniture created by our team is made with the highest degree of excellence in mind, meaning that you should only expect perfection. We offer our clients free estimates so they know exactly what they’ll be charged and when to expect their glass furniture to be completed by. The final product is a one of a kind piece of glass furniture that you will be excited to flaunt!

To request your free glass furniture quote from Reid Glass, contact us today to get started!