Interior Glass Doors

Interior Glass Doors

Offering Metro Detroit Homeowners Customized Glass Doors for Over 50 Years

Glass Door Contractors | Reid Glass: Metro Detroit, MI - interiorCreate openness in your home by choosing glass doors from Reid Glass!

Many homeowners opt for fluidity and flow in their homes, and the simplest way to achieve that is installing custom glass doors throughout your living space. The team at Reid Glass provides Southeast Michigan homeowners with customized glass doors that give their space a unique touch. With a wide selection of glass doors and an excellent installation team, we can help you find glass doors to perfectly complement your home.

What are the benefits of glass doors?

Glass doors are the perfect combination of clarity, beauty, and durability. Elegant and clean in appearance, glass doors can beautifully transform any space. They also offer:

  • Natural Light - Glass doors let the light shine in, whereas their opaque counterparts block it out. The natural light that shines through the doors can help bring a sense of airiness to your space. Natural light also increases energy and comfort levels!
  • Better Views - One of the best perks of glass doors are the views. Conventional doors not only limit sights but can visually separate rooms from one another and the outdoors. Glass doors provide fluidity and visual openness that you just can’t get with traditional doors.
  • Effortless Maintenance - Glass doors are easy to maintain since they don’t deteriorate. To keep the glass looking sparkly, simply use a cloth and some glass cleaner. A surprising benefit of glass doors is how durable and sturdy they are since they do not corrode or rust, meaning increased longevity for years to come!

Glass Door Contractors | Reid Glass: Metro Detroit, MI - sineTake your wine room to the next level with Reid Glass’s elegant wine room glass doors!

You’ve spent a lot of time working on your wine cellar, so why not put your collection on display? At Reid Glass, we create wine room glass doors that are elegant and functional, allowing you easy access to your reds and whites. Our doors are crafted with detail and care, taking into consideration the wine storage environment to ensure the quality of the wine isn’t compromised.

Reid Glass is fully licensed and specializes in custom-made glass doors for your home.

Our talented and artistic team provides the highest quality of custom glasswork available to Metro Detroit homeowners. Our work can easily transform your living space into a fluid and open floor plan! Whether you’re in need of one door or a house full of glass doors, we start each project with a free estimate that we stick to. At Reid Glass, we know glass and are passionate about incorporating it into our clients’ homes!

To request your free glass door quote from Reid Glass, contact us today to get started!