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glass shower doors photoAt Reid Glass, glass shower enclosures are what we know best.

When purchasing a new home, ensuring that it is updated and functional is at the forefront of buyers’ requirements, and the bathrooms are no exception. Long gone are the days of showers with curtains, and Reid Glass is here to help. Our team creates custom glass shower enclosures that are the talk of our clients’ neighborhoods! All of our glass doors are a stunning accent to any bathroom, no matter the size or shape. We have extensive experience installing custom euro shower doors to bathrooms throughout Metro Detroit and can create a truly captivating design for you, as well.

Why should I upgrade my shower to a glass shower enclosure?

When it comes down to it, glass shower doors are a useful investment. Some reasons why include:

  • Aesthetics – Glass doors are a stunning addition to any bathroom. Given the versatility of glass, it goes with any color scheme and design. No matter if your home has a traditional look or is quite modern, glass shower doors can complement it.
  • Functionality – Glass shower doors easily open and shut and can support shelving and more, unlike shower curtains. We’re also able to extend them to the ceiling for a steam room effect if you’d like!
  • Cleanliness – Glass is a very sterile material when appropriately cleaned. Shower curtains, however, are not. Mold and mildew can quickly accumulate on these, making your shower a breeding ground for bacteria. By simply spraying household glass cleaner and shower spray, your shower is resistant to bacteria.

At Reid Glass, we’re committed to three things: craftsmanship, commitment, and quality.

Our team has been creating exceptional euro shower doors for over 50 years and continues to be a leader in the Metro Detroit glass industry. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, meaning that we’ll work with your contractor, architect, interior designer, or you (the homeowner) to ensure you’re truly receiving the perfect glass shower doors for your home. Our process is simple and always starts with a complimentary estimate so you can know exactly how much your new shower will cost. Simply put, we do glass and we do it well!

To request your free euro shower door quote from Reid Glass, contact us today to get started!